Who Are Business Energy Advice Line
We are an independent, impartial energy consultant. As an energy consultant our job is to analyze and select the best tariff for any business’s individual needs. We will always use all our knowledge and maximize our resources to make sure we give you the best advice on your next steps and to put forward to you the best quote we can.

What Do We Offer
We can offer a completely free service to the company that will be very beneficial to them self's. Suppliers have a clause in there contracts for business that state if they do not terminate the contract at least 90 days (this may vary) before the end date then they will roll them on to deemed rates for any thing up to a further 2 years. Deemed rates are usually 35% - 40% higher then their previous contract rate but as the increase in the whole sale market has risen so much recently there has been some experiences of a 60% increase. Our service stops this from happening, it’s a completely free and no obligation service. With a simple letter of authority (LOA) we are able to go directly to your supplier saving you time, effort and even money. The LOA simply allows us to view the prices you are paying at the moment, renewal prices when viable, the agreement end dates and will also allows us to terminate the contract on your behalf if you decided to choose us to deal with your new agreement.

Who Do We Represent
With our extensive links we are able to generate quotes from any supplier including the big four. Along with the gas and electricity we are also able to offer any thing from mobile phone contracts to waste disposable contracts, with hundreds of different tariffs. We are able to help a business with nearly all their bills and contracts and help to reduce them to a better price for them.

Why Use Business Energy Advice Line
Business Energy Advice Line offer a exceptional service. Once we have the LOA and sent it to the supplier and receive the LOA back with the relevant information we will then put you onto our system. This will automatically flagged up at 120 days before your end date this is when the windows opens for you to start searching the market to find the best tariff available for you. We will call you to make fully aware of this and if you wish us to do so then we can also terminate the contract for you to eliminate completely, the chance of being rolled over onto the deemed rates. This does seem like a simple problem to avoid however 64% of business owners have been caught out on this clause before. With the every day demand of running a business this is something that is proving to slip the mind very easy.

How Do Business Energy Advice Line Have Cheaper Prices
As we put a lot of business each suppliers way we work the same as a wholesaler would work we represent a bulk market, we put through a lot of business there for we have all business’s offering us best prices to put the business there way. This allows us to get better prices then a person going to a supplier as a single business.

Does Business Energy Advice Cost
Business Energy Advice Line is completely free. We make our money by securing contracts with suppliers. We get paid directly from them and cost you nothing at all.

What Is An LOA
LOA is a letter of authority. This just allows us to have a look at the prices and agreement end dates, we will not be able to look at any other data. The LOA works with the laws of the data protection act and any personal information will not be viewed. The LOA will also allow us to act on your behalf should any difficulties occur or your having any problems, again saving your self time, effort and money.

If I Sign The LOA am I Committing Myself to Business Energy Advice Line
No not at all our service is free and no obligation. When your details are flagged on our system we will simply call you make aware your can renew get you some of new quotes however you don't have to take these quotes if you wish you can even just use these as a bench mark to shop around and compare.

Why do I Have To Pay Direct Debit
Direct debit is something that is not enforced by Business Energy Advice Line but however by the suppliers. Direct debit is a easier source of payment and suppliers prefer this payment as it saves them on admin cost. Also in with paying direct debit you collect the best of all the discounts available. The direct debit is very efficient way for your self to pay, the process is simple. Where as paying by cash or cheque you receive the bill then pay it at a later date, well this way you will receive the bill then 14 days they will take the money out saving you having to go pay the bill, the direct debit guarantee states that you can have an immediate refund and can cancel the direct debit at any time.